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Welcome to the Tendril WordPress Theme demo. This theme was created with ease of use in mind. Everything from the 5-minute setup Wizard through to the powerful page builder has been designed with the end user in mind. Perfect for beginners to make powerful changes, and perfect for more advanced users with a clean and simple backend code structure.  All the graphics, fonts and photos are included, there is nothing else to buy.



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  • No weekend traffic jams out here. 📷 by den-belitsky, via @Envato Elements
  • Taking in the sunrise at Mesa Arch in Moab, Utah 📷by vwalakte, via @Envato Elements
#travel #madewithenvato #sunrise #photography #mesaarche #utah #mountains
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  • A stand out for all the right reasons, Modern Shape comes with 16 abstract splash seamless patterns — created by graphic master, @Webvilladesign,  via @Envato Elements.
  • Excuse me waiter, there’s a fox in my tea! Check out our story to watch this photo manipulation by @monikazagrobelna come to life.

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In botany, a tendril is a specialized stem, leaf or petiole with a threadlike shape that is used by climbing plants for support, attachment and cellular invasion by parasitic plants, generally by twining around suitable hosts. They do not have a lamina or blade, but they can photosynthesize. They can be formed from modified shoots, modified leaves, or auxiliary branches and are sensitive to airborne chemicals, often determining the direction[…]